Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting


February 14,2018 was a day Stoneman Douglas High school at large will never forget. The mass shooting occurred during the afternoon hours of this day in the campus, Parkland, Florida. This was regarded as one of the world’s deadliest massacre that happened within the compounds of a learning institution. iq option trading login It involved seventeen deaths and fourteen […]

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What We Know About The NRA


Almost 150 years ago 2 men founded what turned out to be one of the most intensely debated nonprofit organizations of all time. The National Rifle Association of America, or NRA, now has over 5 million members. Although a non-profit, The NRA has expenses and revenue of over 400 million dollars. What was originally designed […]

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News From 2016


We may almost be in 2018 but we are still seeing the effects of some of the major events of 2016. It was a year like no other and there were many newsworthy events that took place throughout the year. Five of the most notable news stories of the year are discussed below. iqoptions login Death Of […]

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Reading about 2017 News – The Highlights


Age of Controversy Some people are interested in 2017 news – the highlights. Other people have been trying to avoid the news throughout 2017. The current political situation has become terribly divisive. American politics in particular have always been contentious, and it seems that this is a new climate of extreme opinions vying with one […]

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Tesla Has Built The World’s Largest Battery In Australia And It Is Going To Change Everything


Tesla is known for being innovative, and one of the biggest things that it has done recently is to build the largest battery in the world. This took place in Australia, and the battery is large enough to power South Australia. Elon Musk has told the world that his company has fulfilled its promise. It […]

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2017 Highlights of the Trump Administration


President Trump received praises and curses in equal measures in 2017. This was his first year in office. The number of successes had congressional Republicans and the White House acknowledge him towards the end of the year. iqoptions He has gone a long way toward meeting most of his campaign promises. Here is a look at […]

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