2017 Highlights of the Trump Administration

President Trump received praises and curses in equal measures in 2017. This was his first year in office. The number of successes had congressional Republicans and the White House acknowledge him towards the end of the year. He has gone a long way toward meeting most of his campaign promises. Here is a look at the 2017 highlights of the Trump Administration.

Roll-back of regulations

It was in his first year of office that he signed an executive order that cut regulations for small businesses. He also initiated plans to repeal the Clean Power Plan which happens to be one of Obama’s signature acts. It was also a memorable highlight of his first year in office when he oversaw moves to expand oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic. He granted permit previously rejected by Obama to the Keystone XL pipeline.

According to Donald Trump, there were some regulations that were strangling the economy,. So he vowed to reduce such. 2017 was the year to take strides to achieve all that. The congressional Democrats argued that trump’s actions on climate were hurting the country’s standing in the world.

The travel ban

This was his campaign promise and it rubbed many countries the wrong way. He was tougher on immigration enforcement as soon as he set foot in the office. This was a move to protect American jobs and national security. Banning most travelers from seven predominantly Muslim nations moving to the U.S. was one of the most controversial steps he took a week into his presidency.

This was expected to trigger protests from across the country and it did. Court fights were order of the day. A version of the president’s ban was left standing by the end of 2017. Still in the same year. Trump made efforts to increase border security and there has been a drop of arrests along the borders. So this can be considered as a possible sign of reduced entries.

Declaring Jerusalem the capital it of Israel

Trump announced that the U.S would formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city. It is important to understand that this was a radical departure from decades of foreign policy. He did not hesitate to begin the process of moving America’s embassy to the holy city.

Trump has, in many instances, criticized the United Nations. So this was Trump’s boldest statements to the UN and international community at large.

Withdrawal from Paris climate deal

Trump’s withdrawal from Paris climate deal still lingers in people’s minds. This also happened to be one of his major campaign promises. He made the announcement in June that the U.S would leave the Paris climate deal which had been reached under Obama’s regime. This move fulfilled his pledge to tackle Obama’s signature achievements and contradict the beliefs of the international community. However, there has been conflicting reports on the current stance of the administration on the agreement.

Roll-back of some of Obama’s Cuba policies

It was also Trump’s pledge to roll back Obama’s opening up of relations with Cuba. His intentions were to tighten commercial and travel ties with the communist island. It is during this time that he also placed new financial restrictions on Havana. The moves were criticized as clear crackdown by Trump on reconciliation with Cuba, much of the policies toward Havana established by Obama remained intact.

Fight and degrading ISIS

Obama had a strategy laid out to fight the ISIS. Trump came hard and dealt major blows which forced the terrorist group to retreat from Mosul and Raqqa; its two self-declared capitals. He also fueled the military’s efforts to carry out air strikes.

The tax -cut bill

This was one of trumps major legislative victory. This bill slashed the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21% and reduced individual rates. It also implemented some key breaks. This is a major highlight since it happens to be the biggest tax legislation to be approved by the Congress since 1986.

What also made it truly historic was the fact that it eliminated ObamaCare’s mandate that individuals get insurance and open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling. It should be remembered that this was something different GOP administrations had tried but failed.

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  1. thought obama was the man we ever had, and trump is suck, but what the hell… his the one who work with the heart, forget his mouth, as long as he does what is the best for us.

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