Bernie sander’s son is running for congress

Levi Sanders, the only son of Sen. Bernie, told the Vice News on Tuesday morning that he is running a congress of adding another family to the ballot on this year similar to those championed by his father. He has promised to launch the Congress so that he can fight for those who have been beaten up by the system. Is now Sander the next Kennedy in New England’s dynasty politics? Levi Sander, son of the Jewish presidential aspirant, has lately made his support for his Dad more evident. He showed up on the campaign when it passed at his home state, New Hampshire and took part in an interview whose aim was to bring out the senator’s image as a caring Dad, Husband, and Grandfather.

Because of the “people matter,” Levi Sander declared his candidacy for the open house seat in New Hampshire’s 1st Congress District. He said on his campaign website that for 17 years he had been represented the working class beaten by the system. It was high time to demand the best from the system that represent 99% but not 1%.

At 48 years, Sander is already for running his re-election in this year and has positioned himself for another potential presidential run in 2020. He wants to replace his stepsister, Carina Driscoll who is running the office and she is campaigning for the mayor of Burlington and Vt which it was once held an office of Bernie Sanders. He wants to join a field of the ten vying for the seat, seven Democrats and three from the republican. This is because his sister Carina Discroll is not re-electing.

WMUR first reported his candidacy in Vermont which was a statement that was released by Bernie Sander. “This campaign is about every one of us, who strive every day, to make this great state and country better place in which to live.” Sander then says that he is hoping to connect more with people from the first district and to represent the values that matter to all.

Levi Sanders has always been on his father’s side throughout the political career which includes the 2016 presidential election. Bernie Sander has remained to be popular in the state since he won against Hillary Clinton by a landslide.

Sanders first had disclosed his interest in the seat to Vice News saying that he was just dotting his i’s and crossing his t’s. He has presumably been hoping to take advantage of on his father’s name recognition as well as popularity while carrying out his agenda.

He does not live in the first district though the law requires him to be living there. Being an advocate of campaigning for the rights of disabled is his career choice, and this career seems to follow the same path that was developed by his father who was a social democrat.

The political career of the elder sander is based on self-presentation doing away with any attempt of going deep into his lifestyle. This could evidentially tell more about the minor role played by his family during four decades of political activism.

Southern New Hampshire which is part of the district is said to have shifted to Republican from the Democratic. This is after president Donald Trump gained more voted than Hillary Clinton who was a Democratic nominee.

Bernie Sanders at 76 years, is considered a front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, after coming in second to Clinton in the last cycle.Sanders said that as a legal service analyst he did not directly address the residency in his statement, but he said that for 15 years, New Hampshire had been my family’s home.

When Levi Sander was still a child, he was once spotted holding a microphone for his father on local television while the mayor spoke to the residents. He later worked in the first senate campaign, health care and drafting of positional papers. Levi then emerged politically last year introducing his Dad in two rallies.

Carina Discroll who is also Bernie Sander’s offspring and Levi sander’s stepsister is also campaigning for an office this year. Carina Discroll has announced that she is running for the mayor’s office though she has no been re-elected.

19 thoughts on “Bernie sander’s son is running for congress

  1. the mainstream media makes money selling lies to keep the 1% (oligarchs) in power. Bernie and Levi can’t be bought-they refuse to dances as puppets like Hillary Clinton, kamala Harris, and other regressive Democrats.

  2. Why would these people vote for a communist? Free healthcare is just like a dream not never been come true.

  3. First, his wife bankrupts and causes the closure of a major university in Vermont, now this????
    My sympathy people of New Hampshire.

  4. Great news, we need people who know the difference between a rampant lie and the truth. 2 Sander is better than one.

  5. why there’s a lot of fricking people trying to put a good man down. You all my support Sander, especially to you son Levi. Go to change America and make it great again.

  6. Glad to hear it. this is what America needs. A healthy America, more financially stable society. That is Sander and he can make a change to our country.

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