Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting

February 14,2018 was a day Stoneman Douglas High school at large will never forget. The mass shooting occurred during the afternoon hours of this day in the campus, Parkland, Florida. This was regarded as one of the world’s deadliest massacre that happened within the compounds of a learning institution. It involved seventeen deaths and fourteen more injuries.

Nikolas Cruz, the shooter, is said to have taken an Uber ride and was dropped off at the campus around 2:19 p.m. EST. According to reports, the alleged shooter entered Building 12 of the school, three-story structure which contains 30 classrooms and typically occupied by 30 teachers and 900 students. He was armed with an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle. On him were also multiple magazines. Sources have also reported that the shooter had a handgun on him. He aimed his deadly weapon at teachers and students and started firing. This caused confusion as there had been an earlier fire incident within the campus that same day.

The school’s staff activated the code red lockdown and as the sheriff responded. upon arriving to the compound, the officer says he found a safe place between two buildings and though the shots came from outside. The other officers who responded were also met with hundreds of students fleeing the scene.

Investigations proved that he had legally bought the firearm a year before the shooting occurred. Witnesses say that the shooting lasted for six minutes. He then dropped his gun on the 3rd floor of the building then blended with others and fled the scene. He went to Walmart on foot and bought a soda at its Subway restaurant. The alleged shooter passed by McDonald’s and lingered before walking away at around 3.01.He was stopped by the police around 3:40, 2 miles from the school. He was then taken into custody and did not cause any incident.

Cruz was then taken to hospital emergency room then released after 40 minutes before being booked into the Broward County Jail. Surveillance cameras revealed the identity of Cruz as the perpetrator. He was also recognized by staffers as he entered building 12 and also recognized by survivors of the incident.

The victims who died included fourteen students and three staff members. Among the dead is a football coach. Many more were wounded,14 of them taken to area hospitals.3 of these victims still remained in critical condition the following day. 12 of those who were killed died within the building while two died just outside building 12. One student succumbed to bullet wounds and died on the street while two died in the hospital.

President Trump was made aware of the shooting and took to Twitter to condole with the friends and families of the victims. The district also said that the institution would be closed for the rest of the week and that all the activities would be cancelled.

Who is Nikolas Cruz?

The perpetrator, Nikolas Jacob Cruz, was born on September 24, 1998, In Margate Florida. They adopted him at a tender age. After his adoptive parents died, Cruz lived with friends and relatives. Most people considered him an all-rounded young man. He was a member of Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps and got numerous awards.

He had indiscipline cases from mid-school and changed institutions. This was aimed at helping him and making him a better person.He was later on taken  to an institution for kids with learning or emotional disabilities when he was 16.It was now clear at this point that he was a troubled boy.

In 2016, he posted on Snapchat controversial photos in which he cut his arms and said that he had plans to buy a gun. According to state investigators, he suffered from autism, depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Cruz had previously received mental treatment and was considered at low risk to cause harm to himself or others. The school’s administration circulated emails to teachers, warning them that he had made threats against other students. He was then banned from wearing backpacks in the campus by the school.

The County Sherriff described Cruz’s online profiles as being very disturbing. He had posted pictures of himself holding knives, shotgun, BB gun and pistol. Former classmates said that he had anger management problems and lots of jokes about guns and gun violence.

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  1. The politician will do nothing again. Securing our schools is actually very simple but cowardly politicians refuse to allow.

  2. We don’t have a gun problem. We have a hate problem, hate that ruin someone lives, hates because love cost a million dollars nowadays.

  3. This is horrible a very sad news. All are victims. Please, people, don’t so judgemental they are all victims of hatred and ignorance if only people stop hating and spread the love this won’t happen. never.

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