The Whitehouse cracks down H-1B visa abuse

Donald Trump and his administration in the white house are enforcing strict policy to limit the abuse on the H-1B visa. The fact that this particular visa is hard to get, it has come to their attention that companies who request for the H-1B visa misuse it by outsourcing it out to other contractors.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have also observed that most of the American are qualified for such jobs but still disregarded for those posts petitioned by the visa workers. Trump administration has indicated that it was a remiss of the previous government to tackle the issue.

The crackdown Process

The Whitehouse has taken the initiative of restricting the fraud on H1B visa by issuing a warning via the department of justice to companies who seek this visa. The Trump administration also wants clarity and a higher notch of transparency on applicants.

In conjunction with the federal agencies, more rigorous enforcement of the matter will be implemented where an investigation will be held in these cases:

  1. The validation of the necessary information of an employer’s business or company.
  2. Companies that have a higher number of the visa holders’ employees as compared to the US citizen workers.

Companies who send the H-1B visa workers off-site after petitioning for the visa.

Nisha Desai Biswal, a former US diplomat, gave out a statement that H-1B visas could be the foundation of tension between the relations of India and the US. She implied that because she feared the outsourcing firms in India would be hit the most since workers from India received the most significant percentage of H-1B visas which is about 70%.

However, Acting Assistant Attorney General at the time, Tom Wheeler of the Civil Rights Division believes these measures will ensure that US citizen workers are not discriminated nor disfavored, and in the process, those caught going against the policy will be firmly prosecuted.

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