Trump Administration Announces Russia Sanctions

On Thursday, the Trump administration took its most notable action against Russia by enacting new sanctions on Russia. Individuals indicated last month by Robert Muller, special counsel, were also included. This is aimed to punish Russia for meddling in the US election and malicious cyber attacks in 2016.

Trump had delayed declaring Russia’s involvement in Moscow cyber attacks on the US raising questions about his perspective and personal willingness to punish Russia. The new measures are a clear proof that Russia was responsible for meddling and stringent punishment has been declared. While announcing the new measures to be imposed, Tramp disclosed that Russia was also trying to penetrate the US energy grid.

Internet Research Agency which is a Russian troll farm responsible for producing discordant political posts on America’s social media platforms is one of the individuals sanctioned. The financial backer to the Internet Research Agency, Yevgeniy Viktorovich who has a strong connection to Vladimir Putin has been included to face sanction. Trump reportedly accused Russia that they might be the ones behind the nerve agent attack in the United Kingdom.

In total, five entities and nineteen individuals will face the new administrative sanctions. This includes Russians who disguised themselves as Americans and posted discordant content ahead of 2016 presidential elections.

The measures imposed to produce the list of entities responsible for meddling elections by October and be implemented by January were missed by several weeks. The Members of the Congress were expecting frustration since they thought Trump was downplaying them as he had done before. The law to produce entities that would face sanctions was passed unanimously by the Members of the Congress in October 2016. They have been waiting in desperation feeling the law was not being enacted.

On Thursday, Trump administration went ahead to make it clear that the new sanction measures were not the end of punishment to Russia. A senior administrator of trump was reported saying more measures were underway to instruct Mr. Putin to change his behavior.

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  1. Now that US conducted airstrike on Russia’s ally Syria, let see what Putin’s got..WW3? please not.

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