What We Know About The NRA

Almost 150 years ago 2 men founded what turned out to be one of the most intensely debated nonprofit organizations of all time. The National Rifle Association of America, or NRA, now has over 5 million members. Although a non-profit, The NRA has expenses and revenue of over 400 million dollars. What was originally designed to help improve marksmanship with rifles, has become one of the most influential lobbyists in the United States Government.

Some Friends of The NRA

The NRA has some friends in high places. Over the years the NRA has enjoyed some high profile members. Chuck Norris is even the official celebrity spokesperson of the NRA, nobody argues with Chuck Norris. There are also many others, these members include:

  •  Tom Selleck
  • Nolan Ryan
  • Adam Vinatieri
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • James Earl Jones
  • Charlton Heston

There have been more than a couple occasions when the President of The United States of America, also known as “The Leader of The Free World”, was an NRA member. If there is a more influential person in the country, they do not leap to the front of the mind. Here are our U.S. Presidents:

  • John F. Kennedy
  • Ulysses S. Grant
  • Donald Trump
  • George H. W. Bush (Bush resigned in 1995)
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Richard Nixon
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • William Howard Taft
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower

That’s right, 9 U.S. presidents carry or have carried NRA membership cards.

Those Opposed

Obviously, any group with any viewpoint on a topic as controversial as guns will have some enemies. The NRA probably has as many people against them as they have for them, millions. The NRA even has a list of groups it calls anti-gun, here are some notable ones:

  • The YWCA
  • National Spinal Cord Injury Association
  • National Association of Police Organizations
  • AARP
  • American Firearms Association

That last one really catches the eye. Hollywood, despite all the gunfights and explosions, is home to many folks that wouldn’t be caught dead with an NRA card. The NRA released a list of celebrities they deemed anti-gun, let’s take a look at a few:

  • Richard Dean Anderson (Macgyver)
  • Jon Bon Jovi
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Kevin Bacon
  • Mike Myers
  • Madonna
  • Matt Damon
  • George Clooney
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Sylvester Stallone (Rambo)

Again, the last one really catches the eye! So there is seemingly one famous person against the cause to match each one that is for it.

Regardless of your personal stance on the subject of gun control, there are certain benefits to having the NRA around. The NRA has stood up against laws and legislation on many occasions that would have impeded on The Second Amendment of The Constitution of The United States of America.

With the high number of tragedies that have occurred across the country in the recent months involving guns, gun control has again become a very popular topic of debate. Every major news broadcast agency in the country is playing features about gun control almost daily. The NRA is also taking action. With an approach that was once artfully put “Only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun”, the NRA continues to advocate for gun rights.

The NRA has some very deeply rooted leadership that provides a certain stability. The current CEO, Wayne Lapierre, has been in charge since 1991. Lapierre was born in New York just before 1950, now approaching 70 years of age, Lapierre brings home a salary of over 5 million dollars. Although Wayne is clearly pro-gun, he is not what some would call a “gun nut”, he is against certain things too. Bump-Fire rifle stocks, for instance, are something he thinks should be banned, his stance on fully automatic weapons should be evident. Lapierre is credited with writing several books including:

  • The Essential Second Amendment Guide
  • Guns, Freedom, and Terrorism
  • Shooting Straight: Telling the Truth About Guns in America
  • America Disarmed: Inside the U.N. and Obama’s Scheme to Destroy the Second Amendment

The NRA has been a big part of this country for a very long time, this is not likely to change anytime soon. The NRA will continue to play a huge role in some of the biggest decisions made in the United States through lobbying in Washington. They will continue to do everything they can to protect The Second Amendment and the gun rights of law-abiding American citizens everywhere!

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  1. Im currently looking for an answer to what’s NRA and this content is pretty good.

  2. I’m also one of the member of NRA for 2 years and is the best decision of my life.

  3. it doesn’t matter, if the citizen of the state are not vigilant and take responsibilty..

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